Morning Reverie & Routine

Recently, I stumbled upon a Vogue series about how the posh & the beautiful start their days and I realized how important mine is to me & my health. That got me thinking how it might benefit you all to hear it! A well played out morning routine is so important for ones health & vitality. If planned right, it will benefit your life forever. Take the time to really concentrate on yourself and your well being in those early hours. It is amazing how much of a difference a few simple things will impact life in the long run.


Six a.m. to Eight a.m. are very important hours that could make or break my day if I don’t get all of my essentials checked off. The morning has really been the only free time I have had lately, so I value every minute of it. Without that time of peace, my day usually unravels by noon. Here are some steps that might help you too!

1. White Teeth Teens

I always brush first thing! Followed by a quick wash of my face. I use Nourish Organics to get me going. Their Rosewater & Argan face lotion has amazing photo-defense properties and is very soothing, while also being lightweight so it is perfect for the morning. Carol, (of Ashlawn Farm Coffee) turned me onto their products and I’m hooked!

2. An Apple a Day…

Well, actually Apple Cider Vinegar. I take a shot of it every morning before I have anything else. It flushes toxins that normally cause skin breakouts and it helps get your stomach going. I recommend un-pasteurized, raw and organic cider vinegar, like Braggs. Theirs is the most well known. I use a local, wild harvested version, but as long as it is raw, organic, and un-pasteurized you are in the clear. I usually chase mine with lemon water. Sometimes I add a little local raw honey, especially during spring.

3. Green Goddess

Green is good! I make myself a beautiful green smoothie every morning and slowly finish it before I run out the door. My smoothie is filled with satiating, scrumptious nutrition that keeps my engine revving til at least noon. I will post my fool-proof breakfast smoothie soon, but two things that I highly encourage you to add into yours every morning is a teaspoon (or less) of Spirulina and a few tablespoons of Hemp Protein. They are both flavorless, nutrition dense products that will boost your vitality, fight cancerous toxins and keep you going throughout the day. Green is the best way to start the day! If you don’t believe me, read what these ladies have to say about it in Vogue’s #IWokeUpLikeThis series.


4. Uppers

Coffee. Black. Period. Right now I’m drinking Ashlawn Farm Coffees Black Angus. It is our fullest and darkest roast that we offer. It is such a full bodied coffee, and tastes great pressed.


5. Downers

Yoga and Meditation. I do them as much as I can, usually mixed with some cardio by Amanda Russell. She kicks my butt, while also making it sexy for summer {lol}!


So that’s it! I usually throw on some clothes and a bit of RMS cheek tint before heading to the cafe. I love that their makeup is all organic and am obsessed with their short, but delightful ingredient lists. It makes me feel good to know I’m only putting a little Argan and Coconut Oil on my face and not things that are impossible to spell without spellcheck and google. What are your favourite morning beauty secrets? Comment below! I’d love to hear about them.

With love & fire,




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