the love part of my cooking

Whenever I am asked as to how I was inspired to go to culinary school images of my grandmother and mom cooking in her kitchen flash into my mind. I remember peering over the breakfast counter, pulling myself up with my little fingers and my mouth watering at the smell of garlic and tomatoes stewing. After my grandmother passed, I would relive those memories over the stove with my mother. She taught me how to cook pasta and tomato sauce, beef stew with mashed potatoes, and just about everything in between. Cooking has created a strong bond between us.

My mother is a huge part of my life and sometimes I wonder how I would be able to function without her. I don’t go a day without talking to her or asking her for advice. Her determination and work ethic has been my inspiration to keep pursuing my career and to keep broadening my horizons. She works very hard alongside my dad and still manages to get dinner made and all of my siblings where they need to be. Not to be cliché, but could call her superwoman. I hope one day to be just as wonderful as she is when I have my own little family to raise.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there and to my beautiful mother who truly is like no other!


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