The Most Important

Breakfast; oh, how I love it. It truly is a great part of the day.

Sunday breakfast has always been a big deal in my family. Every Sunday we all gather into the kitchen, the kids pile ontop of my mom on the couch to watch cartoons and news while me and my dad whip something up. We always have french toast, chocolate chip and dried cranberry pancakes, waffles, locally made sausages and uncured bacon and, my favorite, eggs.

He makes the best eggs! Poached, over-easy, omelets with veggies from our garden. He knows his way around a fry pan. I definitely gained an appreciation of how delicious they can be from him. I just anticipate our breakfasts so much sometimes. Always think of great new recipes to try, new ingredients to use. We have a lot of fun with it.

Sometimes even my mom gets involved; though it’s usually just my dad who makes breakfast. Once in awhile she’ll wake up really early and make morning glory muffins or her famed pudding rolls. They are very similar to monkey bread, but bigger and with pudding baked into them!

I always whip out the espresso machine too and practice my latte art. As italians, we all love our espresso drinks. I have yet to get the technique down, but it’s a lot of fun and my mom appreciates a great latte drink regardless.

If you don’t do so now then give it a try! Next Sunday invite some friends over or make a breakfast for your family. I promise it will be a memorable meal.

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