Mac Attack: The Gluten Free Way

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I love Mac & Cheese dearly. As a child it was one of those special treats my mom would make from scratch once in a while. It was at my first cooking job, though, that I mastered the art of the cheese sauce. I remember once whisking gallons of it for a private event we were doing. I seemed to get the cheese-to-béchamel ratio down pretty well there. Once these two adorable kids came into the kitchen and even thanked me for it! Saying it was truly the best they had ever eaten.

As life adapts, so do my recipes.

This is a great base for vegan and gluten free eaters. Add it to your lasagna or add your choice of dairy-free cheese to make some mac & cheese that will stop traffic.

Bon Appetite!

Gluten Free Mac&Cheese:: (2 servings)

I used half of a pound for 2 servings. For the pasta simply pick your favorite brand. I choose a corn-based ziti because I like the sturdiness of it after cooking.

Boil water, add salt. Cook pasta & reserve.

Béchamel de Lait D’Amande::

2 T Gluten Free AP flour

2 T Oil

4 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk

5 oz of your cheese of preference (I used New York Extra Sharp)

Salt & Pepper

First, make a roux using the flour and oil. Cook slightly to remove some of the dry, starchy flavors and then, in stages, add the almond milk. Whisk fervently to prevent the flour from clumping. While adding the milk, also add salt and pepper to taste. Once all of the milk is incorporated turn the flame on low or off and whisk in the cheese. Taste for any necessary seasoning. The almond milk is usually easy to work with, but if you feel that your sauce is too thick or gluey add some of the pasta water. Add the pasta right into the sauce & serve.


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